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About Ricky Greer

Certified from De-La-Salle Vocational Tech in 1978.

Married for 32 years with 4 children.

Owned and operated a successful business for over 10 years," Top Shelf Auto Body" with over 10,000 customers,

sold it for profit and thoughts of retirement.

retirement to a man who worked hard all his life did not come easy, after a few years he grew bored.

he went back to what he does best.

collision repair.

Ricks Goal, is to give ... Immediate, Swift , Flawless, Accurate, Honest and Affordable Services to each & every Customer....Ricky Greer auto

believes in the customer first business approach. The old adage, You are only as good as your last customer With more than 35 years of experience,

He has earned a solid reputation for reliable, high-quality services. You can count on ricky greer auto, for all your auto body and collision repair needs.

(ALWAYS striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction.)

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Collision Repairs